What's Geek Fab Lab? June 14, 2016 14:30

Seriously, what are you guys doing?

Nerding out, making stuff... We got into 3D printing in May of 2013 (nearly 3 years ago). Originally our plan was to use 3D printing to make cosplay parts that were too intricate (read: ones Sean was too lazy to make by hand) for our convention costumes. Our first machine was a Lulzbot TAZ (affectionately referred to as "OG", which we're still using today (you can see it just over Natasha's right shoulder with the yellow tag).
She's so plastic...
The learning curve was a steep one - but over time we really got the hang of printing large and small objects for our costumes - as well as finishing them to a showroom shine.

Immortan HoNovaRubick!Denver Comic ConBloodseekerCammyMalthiel

Once we got the hang of things, we started to print things for our friends. Sometimes costumes, sometimes gifts or other random doo-dads. Eventually, we opened up an Etsy Shop to sell some of our more popular prints. We kept all of the money we earned from printing in a separate Paypal account - and when we had enough money, we'd buy another machine! Or more filament... or upgrades... or spare parts... 

Eventually we ended up where we are today - 4 machines (one is for personal projects only), a 5th in the mail, and enough filament that we built a throne of rolls for the lovely Natasha.

So What Now?

Now, we wanted a place on the internet to call our own. We'll still have our Etsy shop open, but we also peddle our wares on this site. We wanted a single place where we can share our work, sell our work, and share juicy knowledge bits that we pick up along the way.

Keep an eye on this blog for product announcements, tips and tricks, video tutorials, hilarious mistakes, and other 3D printing related goodies for your brain to enjoy.